BFP Membership

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Join the Bureau of Freelance Photographers and, for a modest £54.00 per annum (or £75 p.a. for overseas members), you will receive the following invaluable benefits:

BFP Market Newsletter

There is no other publication quite like the BFP Market Newsletter. Month by month it will show you where you could be selling your pictures – or even obtaining assignments. Each issue carries up-to-the-minute news on markets for photographs, detailing what magazine editors and other picture buyers are looking for. In fact, once you join the BFP, you’ll be amazed at the number of new money-making opportunities open to you.

BFP Handbook

As a BFP member you’ll also receive the 208-page Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook, with your initial membership package. The Handbook has been described as the `photographer`s bible`. While the Newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest picture requirements, the BFP Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the freelance market. It details over 700 markets and their continuing requirements, with all the supporting information you need to make an approach. Alongside magazines are included newspapers, book publishers, card and calendar producers, and picture agencies. Extensive subject indexes help you match your pictures to the markets.

BFP Advice & Assistance

Haven’t you often wished there was some expert you could turn to for help and advice? As a BFP member you’ll always be able to obtain help with queries on any aspect of freelancing. We can provide expert guidance on marketing, fees, copyright and other relevant topics.

The BFP also tries to protect its members’ interests in every way it can. In particular, we can often assist individual members in recovering unpaid fees and in settling copyright or other disputes.

Members can feel confident in the knowledge that they have the support of an organisation that is known and respected in both the photographic and publishing worlds.
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