BFP Course

Ever since the BFP correspondence course was first published in 1968, it has been helping photographers like you to sell their pictures. Regularly updated with new editions appearing at frequent intervals, it has shown many thousands of amateur photographers the secrets of successful freelancing – whether on a part-time or a full-time basis.

Now the BFP announces the launch of not just a new edition, but a new concept. The old-style correspondence course has been discontinued and a brand new edition of The BFP Freelance Photography Course is now available in book form, as a self-instruction package, complete with a set of tutorials. This entirely new book plus tutorials edition is available now from the BFP at an introductory price.

Like the original postal course, The BFP Freelance Photography Course is published in lesson format, so that readers will feel like they have a tutor at their side, showing them how they can produce the kind of pictures that will sell in today’s market.

Price £25.00