The BFP was founded in 1965 to help freelance and aspiring freelance photographers to sell their pictures to editorial markets.

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Find out how The BFP Freelance Photography Course can teach you to sell your pictures to magazines, greetings cards, calendars, libraries..


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See the latest BFP books on freelance photography and see how they can help you sell your pictures

There are three divisions:

Bureau of Freelance Photographers

SPECIAL OFFER FOR LIMITED PERIOD: Join the BFP today and get 14 months for the price of 12. To take advantage of this offer and our BFP membership benefits, sign up now or feel free to call us on 01707 651450.

Whether you are a freelance or aspiring freelance photographer, an amateur or a professional, you cannot fail to benefit from membership of the BFP. It will help you to sell your pictures and to make money from your photography.

Join now and, as well as other benefits, you will receive a monthly Market Newsletter giving you information on markets currently looking for pictures. Members also receive the 208-page Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook with their initial membership pack. The Handbook details over 700 markets where you can sell your pictures. In addition, members have access to our advisory and mediation services and other advantages.

All for a modest £54 per annum for UK members (or £75 per annum for overseas members)

Go to the BFP Membership page for more information or click here to request our membership leaflet with full membership details and an application form.

The BFP Freelance Photography Course

Ever since the BFP correspondence course was first published in 1968, it has been helping photographers like you to sell their pictures. Regularly updated with new editions appearing at frequent intervals, it has shown many thousands of amateur photographers the secrets of successful freelancing – whether on a part-time or a full-time basis.

Now the BFP announces the launch of not just a new edition, but a new concept. The old-style correspondence course is discontinued and a brand new edition of The BFP Freelance Photography Course is available in book form, as a self-instruction package, complete with a set of tutorials.


BFP Books

BFP Books publishes books on different aspects of freelance photography, again designed to help you sell your work and get to grips with the marketplace.

Go to the BFP Books page for details of current titles.